Brian Kingsley has served as the Chief Academic Officer in Charlotte-Mecklenburg since September, 2018. Previously, Brian was assistant superintendent of academics at Wake County Public School System from 2015 through 2018. He was acting chief academic officer and executive director, instructional and intervention, in Broward County Public Schools, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. from 2014 to 2015 and was a principal at Gulfstream Middle in Broward from 2014 to 2014. Brian is a zealous Nittany Lion, having earned his bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Pennsylvania State University; he also earned his master’s degree in educational leadership from Florida Atlantic University.

Hear From Brian

You can hear more about Brian’s curriculum work in his blog Literacy is the Innovation Opportunity of 2019.

Brian also co-authored the EdWeek editorial We Have a National Reading Crisis, and he presented in the FutureReady webinar “Selecting Materials in the Age of Curriculum Renaissance.”

Brian also shared the story of Wake County’s curriculum selection and implementation process in this Education Week piece: How Systems Can Support High-Quality Curricula.

You can follow Brian on Twitter at @edukings.

Curriculum Notes

If you’d like to speak with me about the specific curricula used in my district, I should note that I joined Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in September, and we are currently evaluating the curricula used in our schools.

I can speak to the experience I had with high quality-curricula used in my former district, Wake County Public School System. Wake County’s team selected the following high-quality curricula:

K–6 ELA: EL Education Language Arts (all-green on EdReports, Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes), provided by Open Up Resources

6–8 Math: Open Up Resources 6–8 Math (all-green on EdReports, Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes)