Jana Beth Slibeck Francis is the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning for the Daviess County Public Schools. She oversees all aspects of the learning process for approximately 12,000 students, working closely with administrators to provide professional learning. Prior to serving as Assistant Superintendent, she was the Director of Assessment, Research and Curriculum Development and a staff developer for two elementary schools responsible for providing on-going job embedded professional development to educators.

A National Board Certified Teacher in Middle Grades, Jana Beth started her teaching career 24 years ago in Atlanta, GA, where she received a Master’s in Administration and Supervision from the Principal’s Academy at the Principals’ Center at Georgia State University. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in pure mathematics from Wellesley College in Boston, MA. Having been raised in Eastern Kentucky, Jana Beth and her husband Matt enjoy being back in the Commonwealth raising their daughter Eliza Beth.

Hear From Jana Beth

You can also hear more about Jana Beth’s curriculum work in her piece for NASSP magazine, Navigating Curriculum Selection to Maximize Improvement – later expanded in her blog I’m passionate about curriculum because I’m passionate about pedagogy.

Jana Beth is on Twitter at @JanaBethFrancis.

Curriculum Notes

Jana Beth would be glad to connect about the following high-quality curricula which are used in Daviess County Public Schools.

In addition, she is especially passionate about the ways that curriculum is a natural catalyst for highly effective professional learning, and would welcome dialogues on this topic with like-minded educators.

K–5 ELA: We have an even split in the elementary schools between  Wit & Wisdom and EL Education K–5 Language Arts in grades K–5 (both are all-green on EdReports and Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes)

Middle School ELA:  We just started using Wit & Wisdom this school year (all-green on EdReports, Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes).  

High School ELA: I’m welcome to any ideas on curricula at the high school.  We are focusing on the “why” curriculum is so important.

K–12 Math: We’re usingEureka Math in grades K–5 (all green on EdReports in grades K–5, Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes in K–12) and piloting Open Up Resources 6–8 Math (all-green on EdReports, Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes).  The high schools are piloting new resources and looking to start making a transition to new curricula course by course.