Jennifer Carney is the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at Pawtucket School Department in Rhode Island, the district she attended as a student and began her teaching career. Previously, she served was a middle school and high school ELA teacher, then a building administrator in Massachusetts, before returning to Pawtucket as a district literacy coach. Her career has spanned urban and urban ring schools.

Jennifer is a member of The Teaching and Learning Partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education and her colleagues in the state.  Jennifer has a BA in English and Secondary Education from Rhode Island College, an M.Ed. in Education Administration, as well as Middle School Education, Curriculum, and Superintendent certifications from Providence College.

Hear from Jennifer

You can read more about Jennifer’s work to elevate Pawtucket’s literacy practice through use of high-quality curriculum in Pawtucket’s $1 million reading program paying off in a big way.

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter at @carneyliteracy.

Curriculum Notes

Jennifer would be glad to connect about these high-quality curricula which are used in Pawtucket School Department:

Elementary ELA: ARC Core (all-green on EdReports, Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes)

K–8 Math: Eureka Math (all green on EdReports in grades K–5, Tier 1 on Louisiana Believes in K–12)