So, You Want to Accelerate, Not Remediate. Let’s Talk About HOW.

Many educators are aligned around the instructional goal to “accelerate, not remediate” as students return to school in the fall. We know that we can best address unfinished learning by keeping the learning bar high, rather than watering-down instruction out of fears of student learning loss.

What does this mean in practice, though? 

Leaders from Curriculum Matters, TNTP, and Zearn will lead a community conversation about this goal. We’ll get tangible – participants will spend time delving into exemplars in math, ELA, and science. We’ll also talk about how to accelerate with English Language Learners. 

Please join us on July 27th at 4pm ET for this open conversation. As a pre-read, we highly suggest the Accelerate, Not Remediate report from TNTP and Zearn.


  • Colleen Stearns, Vice President of Curriculum & Instruction, IDEA Public Schools
  • Dan Weisberg, CEO at TNTP
  • Neena Hendershott, CMO at Zearn
  • Kristin McQuillan, Project Director at TNTP
  • Stephanie Ely, CAO at Zearn
  • Jamila Newman, Partner at TNTP
  • Mary Pittman, Director of Mathematics at TNTP