Curriculum Chatter: Lower Rates of Learning Disabilities, Rich Writing in Science Class, and More

Sometimes, a tweet can stop you in your tracks. We had a number of those moments in recent weeks – and we want to make sure that our friends beyond Twitter have a chance to see the special stories coming out of classrooms using high-quality curriculum.

Student outcomes move us every time! Jonathan Criswell shared that the number of students identified as having learning disabilities has dropped since the use of high-quality curriculum, and we can’t think of a better outcome:

Rich writing isn’t just for ELA! This stellar writing in a Grand Island science classroom using a high-quality science program knocked our socks off:

We could listen to math discourse all day, so we loved Kelly Carvajal Hageman’s share from a Seaford math class:

Is there anything more delightful than students becoming so engaged in their learning that they can’t stop talking during breaks? In Aldine ISD:

In an era of curriculum myths, Abby Boruff was mythbusing, and we are here for it:

A Twitter thread can speak a thousand words, and Katie Scotti has been prolific! Check out her thread on knowledge-building, which really shows literacy acceleration in action:

Also, Katie’s thread on shared reading, and its role in fluency development:

Did we mention that Katie also wrote a superb column, Knowledge-building IS social-emotional learning, and it’s a must-read?

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