It’s Time for a Curriculum PLN

Recently, literacy leader Sue Pimentel spoke of a “curriculum renaissance” in Education Week. We’ve had a front row seat to that renaissance: each of us has led the selection and implementation of excellent new curricula that have become available in recent years.

Here is what we have learned:

  • There are far better options for ELA and math curricula available today than just a few years ago. The renaissance is real.
  • Improving the curriculum in our districts yielded numerous positive outcomes. We want to share our stories, and our teachers’ and students’ stories.
  • Very few districts are aware of the new curriculum options. This really surprises us – and it presents a need and an opportunity to raise awareness.

This work is important, but it isn’t easy. Rich curriculum is substantial, and you need to invest time to get your head around the options. Excellent curriculum tees up practice shifts for teachers – which is never easy, and requires good PD. The beauty of great curriculum is the way it can align schoolwide instruction to research – which starts with understanding the research. We have each climbed a learning curve in all of these areas, and we hope our experiences can help others accelerate this learning journey.

So, we want to leverage the power of the PLN. Districts exploring new curricula need to be able to connect with districts already using those materials. Schools that are implementing curricula need a support network and access to helpful resources even more. Inspired by the national online communities that have sprung up for individual curricula, we believe a PLN around curriculum, instruction, and curriculum-aligned PD can bring an important resource to the C&I community.

We’ve used different curricula, but there are common themes in our work across districts. Our materials align to the same research, the same foundational principles, and similar state standards. They promote similar practice shifts. In our local communities, we have found ourselves collaborating with peers around this work in 1:1 or small group conversations. Now, we’re excited to see how the insights of a broader PLN can push our work forward.

We hope you will join our PLN and consider sharing the work with high-quality curriculum in your schools.

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Yours in dedication to the best possible instruction for our kids,

Brian Kingsley, Robin McClellan, and Jared Myracle
Founding Squad, Curriculum Matters