Our Suggestion Box Is Open

We believe in the power of the Professional Learning Network (PLN), as we shared in our inaugural post, Its Time for a Curriculum PLN.

Hopefully you’ve checked out our Resources page, where we have shared some of our favorite resources for understanding, selecting, and implementing curriculum.

If you do, you’ll probably notice two things:

  1. It’s the start of an amazing collection, not the Be All and End All of collections.
  2. We keep asking for your help and suggestions.
  3. In fact, we debuted a Suggestion Box, to make it easy.

That’s right, PLN. We deeply want your help!

Please suggest:

  • Resources we should know about
  • Areas where you are struggling around curriculum
  • Blog posts you’d like to see us write
  • Blog posts you’d like to write for Curriculum Matters – we welcome additional voices!
  • Curriculum leaders we should be connecting with (did we mention we are looking for co-pilots?)
  • Any other ideas related to curriculum work

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom and ideas. We are inspired by our own potential for learning and growth from this community.

The Curriculum Matters Squad