Making the Case for a Break With Reading Workshop

Our recent webinar, The Shift From Reading Workshop to Research-Aligned Curriculum, was the most popular #CurriculumMatters event yet. We weren’t surprised… in fact, we held this webinar by popular demand! After recent acknowledgements of flaws with Reading Workshop by its author Lucy Calkins, a number of schools appear to be considering a change. Accordingly, questions […]

Curriculum is Trending. Here’s Why.

We love the growing conversation about the importance – especially in 2020 – of high-quality curriculum. Lately, the buzz about curriculum has been hard to miss. Here’s what has the field talking: Renewed Concerns About a Popular Curriculum Lucy Calkins, the author of the Teachers College Readers Workshop program, recently acknowledged a longtime concern about her program – […]

Synchronous and asynchronous instructional time are BOTH precious

Of all the topics that we as academic leaders have fielded over these past few months, in contemplating with colleagues what teaching and learning should look in the many different remote and hybrid schooling models under consideration in our districts, few have been more meaty – and, indeed, more professionally enriching – than those surrounding […]

Getting All Kids Working With Grade Level Texts: Distance Learning Edition

In Baltimore City, all students work with rich, grade level texts in English Language Arts. Evidence shows that this approach fosters the most growth for learners, so we carefully selected a curriculum designed around grade level work for every student.  The alternative – reading instruction that revolves around leveled reading groups, in which some students […]