Carrie Mugridge

Executive Director of Learning Services
Santa Fe Trail USD 434

Dr. Carrie Mugridge has dedicated her career to the field of education, starting in 2000 and transitioning to district administration four years ago. Initially, she embarked on her professional journey as a classroom teacher in the elementary grades. Her exceptional teaching abilities garnered numerous accolades, including the esteemed title of Kansas Teacher of the Year Traveling Team member. This honor granted her the privilege of spending a year traversing Kansas, visiting classrooms, exploring school districts, and engaging with aspiring teachers, education professors, and influential legislators.

While teaching second grade, Dr. Mugridge experienced a moment of realization, recognizing her own limitations and lack of expertise in effectively teaching reading to her students, particularly those who faced reading challenges. Determined to address this deficiency, she pursued further education, earning a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Reading. Equipped with her newfound knowledge and a Reading Specialist license, she transitioned into the role of a school-wide reading specialist. In this capacity, she not only helped students make significant strides in reading but also provided guidance and training to classroom teachers on effective reading instruction techniques.

Recognizing the potential for even greater contributions in the field of education, she returned to school once again and successfully obtained her Ed.D in Educational Administration. Dr. Mugridge’s foray into administration commenced as the Director of Reading for the West Franklin School district, where she played a pivotal role in implementing and ensuring compliance with the Kansas Dyslexia Legislation. This endeavor opened doors for her to train teachers statewide on the Science of Reading, further contributing to educational advancement. In 2022, she joined the Santa Fe Trail school district as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and was subsequently promoted to the position of Executive Director of Learning Services.

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