Curriculum-Aligned Professional Learning at Statewide Scale

Our community has long preached the importance of pairing high-quality curriculum with professional learning that is specific to those materials, giving teachers the What, the Why, and the How for strong instruction. Research has shown that this approach has a strong evidence base, whereas professional learning alone is unlikely to raise student outcomes. We pair […]

Revisiting Concerns About Reading Workshop

Amidst growing critique of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Program ‘Units of Study’ materials, the authors have announced that a revised version will be available for purchase for the 2022-23 school year. The nature of the revisions has been somewhat unclear, and many in the field have raised questions. This webinar unpacks the changes […]

Level Up Professional Learning

The creative professional learning approaches in Aldine and Sumner County have been earning cheers in social media, and we want to learn more! Each district is refining a model that we can all borrow. In Aldine ISD, grade level teams have been doing Lesson Rehearsals, allowing each teacher to try out his or her instructional […]

Delaware, The Small State With Big Curriculum Outcomes

This year, we noticed an unmistakable trend: we kept adding districts to our network from Delaware, and each district had seriously impressive outcomes from work with high-quality curriculum! The stories in Brandywine, Cape Henlopen, Laurel, and Seaford are each individually compelling – and collectively, they make a powerful case for curriculum as a change agent, […]

So, You Want to Accelerate, Not Remediate. Let’s Talk About HOW.

Many educators are aligned around the instructional goal to “accelerate, not remediate” as students return to school in the fall. We know that we can best address unfinished learning by keeping the learning bar high, rather than watering-down instruction out of fears of student learning loss. What does this mean in practice, though?  Leaders from […]

The Trouble With Basal Bloat: An Important Discussion of the Wonders Review

Recently, Student Achievement Partners published an important review of the Wonders curriculum (read more in EdWeek). It put a spotlight on some known concerns with the program, like its weak support for knowledge acquisition. The review also illuminated an issue that has implications well beyond Wonders: basal bloat.  When a curriculum is loaded with so many […]

Meet the Curriculum: ARC Core

On March 23rd, Whitney hosted a webinar about the ARC Core curriculum featuring users of the curriculum. Speakers included: Whitney Oakley, Chief Academic Officer, Guilford County Schools (NC) James Hopkins, Principal, Durham Public Schools (NC) Taylor Milburn, Literacy Coach, Durham Public Schools (NC) Phamalae Cummings, Multi-Classroom Leader, Guilford County Schools (NC) Each of the speakers […]

Meet the Curriculum: Bookworms

On March 18th, Ashley hosted a webinar about the Bookworms curriculum featuring users of the curriculum. Speakers included: Ashley Giska, Asst. Superintendent of Teaching & Learning, Laurel School District (DE) Kathleen Chaucer, Principal, Ballston Spa (NY) Jolene Hansen, Literacy Coach, Ballston Spa (NY) Sarah Kemp, ELL Specialist, Laurel School District (DE) Each of the speakers […]