Vail Kieser

Director of Teaching and Learning
Lake Forest District 67

Vail Kieser is the Director of Teaching and Learning for District 67 in Lake Forest, Illinois. She leads the instructional coaching program and supports the implementation of the new K-8 literacy curriculum. Previously, she served as a principal, assistant principal, instructional coach, and classroom teacher in Kildeer Countryside District 96.

With over 17 years in education, Vail has developed a passion for leading others and recognizes the importance of effective leadership in improving systems and outcomes for students. She has been recognized for leading a model professional learning community school, received the DuFour award as an administrator at Woodlawn Middle School, and appeared on the podcast “”Real Talk with Jeanne and Matt”” to discuss the change process in action. Most recently, Vail planned a Learning & Literacy Symposium, hosted in Lake Forest, to support educators in learning evidence-aligned practices and give back to the education community.

Vail has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, a master’s degree in educational leadership from Concordia University, and a superintendent’s license from Western Illinois University.

You can follow Vail on Twitter (X) at @vkieser or connect with her on LinkedIn.