Understanding the ELA Curriculum Landscape in 2021

Curriculum adoption season has arrived!

Each year, we get loads of questions about curriculum selection and implementation. This year, we decided to answer those questions publicly. 

On January 7th, three of our colleagues – who use three different high-quality curricula in their districts – will discuss today’s ELA curriculum landscape in a webinar. What are the hallmarks of high-quality curricula? Where should districts start in considering a move to high-quality curriculum? How can districts approach needs assessment, and what third party tools and reviews can be used in the process?

Our speakers have all gone through curriculum selection and implementation in recent years, and they shared their insights in a webinar on January 7th, 2021. You can watch a recording below.


Moderated by curriculum superfan Karen Vaites.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming ‘Meet the Curriculum’ series, when our colleagues will host Q&A nights for the curricula that are most-used across our districts – an opportunity for straight talk about these materials from teachers and school leaders across districts.

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Watch a Recording