Meet the Curriculum: ARC Core

On March 23rd, Whitney hosted a webinar about the ARC Core curriculum featuring users of the curriculum.

Speakers included:

  • Whitney Oakley, Chief Academic Officer, Guilford County Schools (NC)
  • James Hopkins, Principal, Durham Public Schools (NC)
  • Taylor Milburn, Literacy Coach, Durham Public Schools (NC)
  • Phamalae Cummings, Multi-Classroom Leader, Guilford County Schools (NC)

Each of the speakers shared a ‘hot take’ about the materials, and we’ve collected them below. We hope you will watch the recording, and enjoy our companion webinar, Understanding the Curriculum Landscape in 2021.

Our Hot Take on ARC Core:

“ARC has multiple benefits from a common curriculum, a database that tracks student progress, a database that houses online resources, and a live coach that supports teachers. It is a framework that helps teachers have a baseline to soar with creating common core standard lessons.  The classroom libraries are amazing!” –Pharmalae Cummings

“Content building and culturally sustaining representation is important and evident in ARC Core.  Intentional master scheduling, investments in professional learning and close attention to needs around explicit instruction should be addressed on the front end of implementation.”  –Whitney Oakley

ARC Core delivers a research-based approach that ensures students build knowledge while developing a love for reading. The diverse assortment of books is second to none–and teachers can’t get enough of the resources! –James Hopkins

“ARC Core has allowed all of our K-5 students to be exposed to complex text that intentionally builds knowledge over time. Kids get so excited about the topics and love to read, write, and discuss what they’re learning about in class. With the whole school using ARC Core materials, we’re able to collectively share data and instructional strategies across grade levels and specialty areas.”   –Taylor Milburn

Watch a recording: