Mission Field: My Curriculum Journey

I’m incredibly inspired by this moment. Right now, I’m seeing a growing interest in reading instruction, and judging from the chatter in social media, it seems like districts across the country are beginning to have the conversation that we have been having in my district: How to we improve our reading and math instruction system-wide, […]

I’m passionate about curriculum because I’m passionate about pedagogy

In Daviess County Public Schools, we think about curriculum as the combination of your standards, your resources, and your pedagogy. I know that’s not everyone’s definition… some folks hear curriculum and think “content” while others still seem to confuse curriculum with standards. One of the major problems in public education is that we aren’t always […]

Our Suggestion Box Is Open

We believe in the power of the Professional Learning Network (PLN), as we shared in our inaugural post, Its Time for a Curriculum PLN. Hopefully you’ve checked out our Resources page, where we have shared some of our favorite resources for understanding, selecting, and implementing curriculum. If you do, you’ll probably notice two things: It’s […]