A Conversation About AntiRacist Instruction With Alfred Tatum

Educators across the country are rightfully concerned about addressing racism in our school systems. What does this work mean for our reading instruction? Please join Nakia Hardy and Alfred Tatum for a discussion about antiracist instruction in English Language Arts, including an open conversation about this work in districts across the country. Which instructional practices […]

Where Culturally-Responsive Teaching Meets High-Quality Curriculum

How are districts adapting curricula to respond to the need for more culturally-responsive materials? Three of our colleagues have been very focused on this question in recent years, and they have common goals yet distinct journeys. For example, in Guilford County, a central group of teacher leaders led the work, while school-based teams have pioneered […]

Understanding the ELA Curriculum Landscape in 2021

Curriculum adoption season has arrived! Each year, we get loads of questions about curriculum selection and implementation. This year, we decided to answer those questions publicly.  On January 7th, three of our colleagues – who use three different high-quality curricula in their districts – will discuss today’s ELA curriculum landscape in a webinar. What are […]

12/9 Zoom Chat: A Framework for Truly Excellent Professional Learning

Brian Kingsley, Janise Lane, and Robin McClellan were spotlighted in a recent report by the Carnegie Corporation of New York on high-quality professional learning, and we think it makes an excellent conversation-starter! Our teams describe the professional learning aspect of our curriculum work as incredibly empowering and enlightening. Elements of Curriculum-Based Professional Learning explains How […]

The Shift From Reading Workshop to Research-Aligned Curriculum

With renewed attention to concerns about the Teachers College Reading Workshop Program, many districts are considering a switch to materials that better align to reading research. Given the popularity of the workshop model with some educators, we often hear common questions about this change, including: How can I persuade teachers who are fond of the […]

Zoom Chat: Our First Social Hour

We have never needed our friends more than in 2020! Our ‘squad’ has been convening for check-ins, which have been a mix of social and professional. It always starts social, but as we get into sharing, we find ourselves swapping resources and advice which are beneficial in our work. As the community around high-quality curriculum […]

Webinar: Instruction Insights, Synchronous vs Asynchronous

When we met this summer to collaborate and swap ideas, we kept returning to the same topic: synchronous versus asynchronous. How would we optimize instruction across these two modalities, given our different (and evolving) school reopening plans? Which forms of teaching and learning were friendliest to each approach? These are essential questions as we shift […]